Heidrun Ziche

Leader, Executive Coach

I help leaders find fulfillment and make a difference.  I inspire them to achieve more than they ever thought possible, for themselves, their teams, and the whole organization! 

I love what I do, because I get to inspire people and make a difference in their, and others', lives every day!

An international business woman with years of experience in leadership of a large organization, Heidrun unlocks individual and organizational growth to ensure sustainable professional success. She shares her broad business experience and unique combination of interpersonal and professional skills to help others achieve more than they thought possible.

Heidrun is an international tax attorney, originally from Germany, with both a law degree and an advanced degree in Economics. After having worked in both Germany and Australia, she settled into a career in Mergers and Acquisitions in Frankfurt Germany, then moved to New York City where she was a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers in International Tax serving the Financial Services Industry. During her career, she has managed projects that included up to 223 countries and tax regions with tight deadlines. Heidrun is an expert in leadership, project management, process optimization, planning, time management, and decision-making, as well as team leading and client relationship matters.

Over the past 17 years she has continued her education and experience to also become a mediator with special communication and negotiation skills; a certified Psychological and Spiritual Life Coach; a Mindful Change Coach; a competitive athlete competing in marathons and triathlons; and has made a conscious commitment to health and nutrition. All of these skills, along with her education and professional experience, is a rare combination, and it has all come together perfectly. Heidrun shares her own values through her work as executive coach and the Principles of TOP Leadership Coaching.

Her clients call her an inspiration and role model. “She’s walking her talk. She’s teaching what she herself has proven to be true by practicing it in her own work in the corporate world and with her clients.”

Imagine less stress, but higher productivity! Imagine lower cost, but higher quality work products! Imagine lower turnaround cost, but more loyal employees! Imagine you are not only effective, but TOP!

Heidrun’s goal is for you to achieve all of yours! Her mission is to inspire executives and teams to be better than they thought possible. She is a disruptor in corporate America.

Her coaching style is vastly unique as it integrates cutting-edge sports science, neuroscience, and fundamental principles of both training and winning, with what is needed in the business world today for:

Leadership, Executives, Teams, Clients, Culture, and Processes

Through her work Heidrun helps executives perform at the highest level, and teams to be more successful.

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