What colleagues say about Heidrun Ziche

"I have known Heidrun for the last 7 years; I worked with her on complex tax issues at one of the big four accounting firms.  Heidrun worked with her clients to resolve government related tax issues to the satisfaction of the clients.  She made practical decisions that benefitted the client and led her team to success.  Heidrun displayed many skills and is highly motivated in business, athletics, and the pursuit of happiness.  She clearly demonstrated leadership skills with me, her clients, and her team.  

Heidrun is an outstanding teacher and she can help you in developing leadership skills that will drive your business or personal goals to new levels.  While working in the accounting industry, both government and business sectors, I have seen few true leaders who can help you develop high skills and goals for yourself and your business.  Heidrun is one of those “true leaders”." (Anthony Russo - Tax Specialist (Managing Director) and Artist)

"I truly admire Heidrun’s tenacity, integrity, and professionalism. She is committed to seeing things all the way through. She does the right thing every time!” 

(Sheryl Roush, CEO, Sparkle Presentations, Inc.)


What clients say about TOP Leadership Coaching

"The TOP Leadership Coaching program provided me with the time and the support to look at my priorities and where I wanted to go next. Heidrun is a very good listener in a world where people rarely hear you at all. Her calm demeanor and positive vibe were instrumental in allowing me the space to reflect on the changes needed for me to laugh and smile more.  I created new healthier habits that provided me with the relaxation and calmness I was looking for and remain intact after the program."

(Chandra G., San Diego, USA)

"I chose Heidrun because she is a high achiever and an ongoing inspiration and a source of motivation to all those around her. She is exemplary in her own life’s pursuits and represents herself as a model of positivity and happiness.

Heidrun helped me reach my goals through actively listening and providing me with the opportunity to honestly and openly articulate my feelings as well as offering a safe and confidential space to discuss same. 

The coaching relationship between Heidrun and I has been honest and open and self-revealing to me in very positive ways. Working with Heidrun is an extremely positive experience as Heidrun’s active listening skills are exemplary and her ongoing questions enabled me to self-analyse and truly witness what I could not before realise about my life so far."

(Dympna D., Cork, Ireland)

"I have had multiple ways that have helped me combat anxiety with no success. I was pleased Heidrun was able to coach me to develop more positive strategies. 

I chose Heidrun / TOP Leadership Coaching because of her directness, her leading by example, and her terrific listening skills. Working with Heidrun is just lovely – she is warm, direct, and a great listener. She has wonderful skills to sort out what I am trying to verbalize and help me break things down into doable steps.  I hang up each session with renewed enthusiasm and feel directed. Somehow her talent in getting me to verbalize the issues and helping me to find ways to prioritize them has had major impact. I would not respond well to working with a coach who presented me with a task list. She did the opposite in that she was able to help me sort out how to proceed forward with my own positive steps. I felt comfortable with Heidrun that she was not going to judge me and was a great cheerleader there to help.

What I liked most about working with Heidrun is her directness and intelligence. She kept the sessions flowing with breaking down mini-steps for me to focus on and achieve success. 

I’d recommend Heidrun for all the above reasons. She is a warm, bright professional. She will give you all of her focus in your sessions to achieve the goals you have. Anyone who is sincerely interested in positive changes could benefit from joining a coaching program with Heidrun / TOP Leadership Coaching."

(Judy W., Albuquerque, USA)

"Having someone like Heidrun who holds me accountable and is primarily my advocate is priceless!

Anyone interested in forward progress could benefit from joining a coaching program with TOP Leadership Coaching! 

I always looked forward to my chats with Heidrun. Many people do not take time to think about their goals and how to achieve them. It is so easy to connect with Heidrun and writing out or simply talking about what’s important to you is an incredibly helpful tool to achieve your goals and recognize hard work. 

Heidrun is kind, non-judgmental, and easy to talk to. She also has plenty of experience in a demanding career yet has met people like Deepak Chopra. I offer these things as proof of her depth and versatility."

(Maggie R, Oceanside, USA)

"Heidrun was wonderful to work with. From the on-start she was very thorough in presenting the process of coaching. Our sessions were short but never felt rushed. Our time together was well spent. Each time we spoke we talked about things I wanted to improve. She listened, coached, and reverberated my thoughts back at the end of our session so it would stay fresh in my mind. This was so helpful! I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants serious coaching."

(Heidi L., New York, USA)

"I would recommend Heidrun as a coach to anybody. She has an unusual quality of being both clear, structured, and firm, and yet at the same time incredibly nonjudgmental, accepting, and flexible. That combination of things in a person is extraordinarily rare. 

If someone has something they want to work on, Heidrun would be really great to get them where they want to go, quickly and in a way that was widening of what their perspective was."

(Sarah M., Santa Fe, USA)